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I provide outcalls (from half an hour!) throughout the West Midlands, as well as incalls (from half an hour!) in Birmingham city centre!

Hi my name is Asha Rai and I am a British girl of Indian descent, I have the looks and figure to blow your mind! I'm a charming, sexy, sultry, intelligent and deliciously decadent elite & exclusive Indian courtesan. I adore male attention & company, I am the perfect companion both for dinner dates and for brief but passionate encounters.

I have many interests including travel, fashion, music, reading. I love to laugh in relaxed company over a glass of wine. I feel most at ease with educated, selective gentlemen who like to laugh too. My positive attitude to life puts people at ease straight away.

I have a very busy lifestyle so please try to arrange a meeting in advance if possible, so I can plan my time to be with you and to suit you too.

Come and taste the forbidden fruit and allow me to satisfy your every desire!

Have fun looking through my West Midlands escorts website... I cant wait to meet you and show you why I am considered to be one of the best Independent West Midlands escorts!

Speak soon

Kisses Asha Rai xxxx

West Midlands escorts

West Midlands independent escorts can be found every where you look, but Asha is the very finest West Midlands independent escort that you could ever wish to see on an Incall or an Outcall in West Midlands escorts. If your looking for a very sexy West Midlands independent escort then Asha needs to be given a good spanking as she loves to be bent over and have her West Midlands escorts, bum spanked with a good firm hand. Asha loves being an escort in West Midlands and she offers a very high class escort service to any one that can afford to pay for her lovely little West Midlands escort, pussy or anal sex and she will be more than happy to dress up for you if you are looking for some Submissive escort role play or maybe you want to dress up your self and Let Asha show you why people love her as a West Midlands Independent escort!

Escorts in West Midlands come in all shapes and sizes and they all offer a different range of Escort Services, some charge extra for things likes spanking, owo and cim, where as with Asha every thing is included in her services. She is a horny West Midlands escort and really loves being independent as this allows her to speak to her clients directly and to discuss the details of your Incalls. Asha is also happy to visit you on an Outcall basis, where she can pop along to see you at your West Midlands hotel or even your home in West Midlands. Her West Midlands escort service covers most of the city, as well as other West Midlands places like Edinburgh. West Midlands is a big place and you need to select your escort in West Midlands very carefully as there are some that just ain't any good at all, however some offer a really high class West Midlands escorts!

If you are looking to relax and enjoy the company of a sexy young escort girl, then Asha has to be given some very serious consideration indeed, as she is one of those girls that wont fail to impress you when you have her incall service or even if you book this West Midlands escort for an outcall maybe. There is a lot of business to done in this great West Midlands city and maybe you need a companion to take along and show off, if this is the case then you need to ensure your choice is a good one and that you don't wast any money in doing so, this escort website is designed to ensure that you can see everything about this West Midlands independent escort, including things like her rates, her services, her photographs and much more. This way you will be able to choose your escort wisely and make a choice that you wont later regret doing. You don't want to pay for any thing less than a high class escort service whilst you staying in West Midlands on business, its not worth paying for unless its the very best quality of course. So help us here at escorts promoted, select your West Midlands independent escorts.

Asha is a young escort girl, that loves sex in every position and she loves nothing more than to be bent over and taken from behind and given a good seeing to when your up in the West Midlands city of West Midlands. Sexy escorts aren't simple to locate, but Asha offers incalls in just a short 5 minute journey from West Midlands city centre, so you can go and visit her no problems and for cheap rates you can have a good shag with a West Midlands independent escort! If you want a young Escort, then Asha is the very finest one for you to go and visit on an incall or the best West Midlands call girl to get to visit you on an outcall to your West Midlands hotel i would of thought to be honest with you.

West Midlands independent escorts are not as vast as their are escort agencies that West Midlands that have quiet a few escorts on their websites, but your much better off booking a West Midlands independent escort as you get to talk directly to them and this will enable to discuss the exact requirements of the service your wanting. This may include something as simple as a clothing request or something more complex ed like a particular sex position you may want to try or even details on a fetish maybe. What ever this service may be, talking directly to a West Midlands independent escorts, has many advantages over booking a girl from an escort agency! No matter which kind of escort you choose to book your service from, you can never be sure that you will fancy the escort until you actually meet her on a face to face level. There is a lot of factors to this and i don't just mean how sexy she looks, it may be that you don't like her personality as the escort may just not be for you and you would rather see on of the many other West Midlands independent escorts, but once your there is sometimes hard to make an excuse and leave the girl! West Midlands independent escorts are very popular choices for the client wanting some fun and its really up to you if you choose an independent escort or book one from an agency. All we ask is that you chose based on the most information that you can get your hands on and don't just chose an escort on a whim or simply because she looks good in her photographs!

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Independent escorts are worth booking as they offer a far superior service to other escorts, including those that class them selves as elite. Not all West Midlands independent escorts are like her mind you and not all of them do offer such as decent West Midlands independent escorts, some of them pretend they are decent but in reality they are not at all, the reviews of this West Midlands independent escort should set you mind at ease without hesitation you will go and visit Asha and see just why your better off with West Midlands Independent escorts!

If you curious as to why these escorts decide to become independent, most people think its because they get to keep all of their earnings - this is not always the case as most of the escorts decide to become independent because they can talk with their clients and add their own uniqueness to their escorting as they are not bound by other peoples rules and ways of doing things. All of them much prefer to be independent escorts and none of them would ever go back to be an ordinary escort.

West Midlands escorts really don't come much better than escorts like Asha, they are the very best you could ever wish to find in the Birmingham area. Birmingham escorts like me are in a class of our own in West Midlands and its no secret that I am one of the most respected Birmingham escorts that works like I do. Independent escorts such as I really know how to enjoy our selves and this will show when we service your every need, so its not something you will feel you don't get from me, as my escorts service in Birmingham in second to none. Birmingham is a very big city but I know my way around it soon, after all I do work as one of the Birmingham escorts.

Independent escorts are in general much more organised individuals that call girls in Birmingham, so you can always call me first if your wanting a service. As an Independent I can answer any questions that you may have for me about my service and me as one of the Escorts you may want to see in Birmingham. I love Birmingham and really think it would make a great place for my to be your companion or call girl in, this is another great thing about being one of the independent escorts in the area, as the call girls you get from the local agencies just don't match up to us independent escorts in general. That is why I would always think it best to book us as Independent escorts and don't just book random escorts from the Internet of an agency. Being independent really suites my mind set, as I like to bring my own style in to the service I provide and being Independent of course allows me to do this as I don't have to follow the rules of an agency, like most escorts do in West Midlands.

I love being one of those West Midlands escorts that is Independent as so many of the girls just want an easy ride and that's why they turn to agencies instead of working as Independent escorts in Birmingham or some other part of the region. Birmingham escorts are very sexy you know and I can really give you the best blow job you have ever had.

xxxx Asha xxxx